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Baker Law Group specializes in estate planning, offering an integrated approach to legal and financial planning.

We guide you the estate planning process to create a thorough plan – one that will protect you, your beneficiaries and your estate.

Our Plymouth office is located just off Route 3A in North Plymouth and serves Duxbury, Marshfield, Kingston, Plymouth, Cape Cod, and other surrounding towns.

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Estate Planning Services

Baker Law Group offers a full range of estate planning services.

  • Last Wills and Testaments
  • Trusts
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
  • Homestead Declarations
  • Healthcare Proxy
  • Living Wills/Medical Directives
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Estate Asset Protection
  • Probate Administration
  • Medicaid Planning
  • MassHealth Applications
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Estate Planning Goals

Estate Planning is an umbrella term that covers several different purposes. The list below identifies many goals of an estate plan that you may want to consider.

  1. Distribute your assets according to your wishes
  2. Appoint a trusted guardian for minor or disabled children and elderly relatives
  3. Provide support for disabled or minor children
  4. Minimize taxes that will be applied to your estate
  5. Articulate your wishes in the event of a medical emergency
  6. Ensure that your surviving spouse and children will continue to receive income and support
  7. Leave your money or property to charitable organizations
  8. Save your family time and money on the probate and estate administration process

Initial Consultation

We offer a complimentary review of your case either by phone or in one of our offices.

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Estate Planning Documents

Below is an introduction to common and important estate planning tools.


A will arranges for the distribution of your assets upon your death. Wills can also contain instructions for your preferred burial site or funeral home. Without a will, your estate will be subject to the probate distribution laws as defined by the Massachusetts.


There are many types of trusts and they serve multiple purposes. A trust can protect assets, manage funds for a dependent, and help your family avoid the probate process. Our attorneys will recommend the types of trusts best suited for your situation and goals.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

Guardianships are legal arrangements to provide care for someone unable to make decisions for themselves. Conservatorships are legal arrangements to provide financial management for someone unable to do so themselves.

Healthcare Proxy and Living Will

When you are not able to make your own medical decisions, these documents are important for medical professionals. They identify the steps to take and the individuals who can make decisions on your behalf. They could be needed as a result of an accident or injury, a disease or virus, or due to the aging process.

Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney in Massachusetts designates someone to act as an agent on your behalf. This document can be written to take effect for a specific event or situation, such as when you are unable to make decisions.

Additional Tools

Our attorneys can assist you in evaluating a wide array of estate planning tools including:

  • Homestead Declarations
  • Stretch IRAs
  • Charitable Giving

Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can review your goals and recommend the best estate plan to achieve them.

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