Prenuptial Agreements

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Reviewing the rights and obligations of a marriage

Under Massachusetts law, a marriage license for straight and same-sex couples recognizes more than an emotional commitment. In fact, a marriage license establishes each party’s financial rights and obligations in the event of a divorce, and a surviving spouse’s property interest in a deceased spouse’s estate.

For some, defining each spouse’s property rights prior to entering a marriage is preferred to leaving such determinations to a court at death or upon divorce.

When to have a PreNup Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are commonly entered into by:

  • couples entering a second marriage;
  • financially established individuals;
  • when there is a large imbalance of equity between the parties;
  • when there is a family business involved; or
  • when a large inheritance is expected.

If you are engaged or are considering marriage, it is time to determine whether you need a prenup negotiated and drafted by an experienced Massachusetts prenuptial agreement attorney.

Typical Considerations for Prenups

  • Will a premarital agreement protect my children’s inheritance?
  • Can my spouse disinherit my children from a prior marriage or partnership?
  • What will become of my interest in my business and my home, after I marry?
  • Is alimony and child support covered by a premarital agreement?
  • If both parties keep assets or property separately titled, is the separate property protected in the event of a divorce or death?
  • Will my spouse have a claim to the inheritance that I expect to receive from parents/grandparents?
  • Will I be entitled to spousal support or alimony?
  • Can I get a post-nuptial agreement?

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