Trust and Probate

Probate and Estate Administration
Trust Administration

Helping to perform administrative duties in a timely manner

Baker Law Group assists administrators and personal representatives in performing their probate, estate, and trust administration duties. We ensure the proper tasks are completed in a timely and thorough fashion, according to the probate, tax, and property laws.

Probating an Estate

The necessary steps to administer an estate, and to determine the distribution of assets, will vary based on the estate planning decisions that were made during the lifetime of the deceased individual. The existence of a valid will or trust are important to determine if the probate process is necessary. These documents may also outline specific steps to be taking during the administration process. Our professional legal counsel can guide you through the complex requirements to ensure a successful administration process.

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Time Sensitive Administration

Estate administration often involves preparing many time-sensitive forms and making decisions that have tax and other serious consequences. Common steps for probate administration include the following.

  • Prepare an accounting and value for all assets
  • Change the title of the deceased’s property
  • Elect a payout under a retirement plan
  • Pay taxes to state and federal authorities

The administration of an estate can be very complex because it often involves probate law, property law, and tax law. For example, some assets included in the taxable estate should not be included in the probate estate. Some property may be excluded from both the taxable and probate estate. We can help determine the steps required and prepare all necessary filings on behalf of the estate.

Estate and Trust Administration Services

  • Counsel to executors, administrators, trustees or heirs
  • Trust administration
  • Probate of estates with a valid will (testacy proceedings)
  • Administration of estates without a valid will (intestacy)
  • Contested wills
  • Wrongful death estate administration
  • Ancillary probate
  • Administration of non-probate assets
  • Stretch IRAs and required minimum distributions
  • Guardianships
  • Planning for those with special needs
  • Federal and state estate tax returns
  • Massachusetts estate tax lien releases
  • IRS Form 706, U.S.  estate (and generation-skipping transfer) tax returns
  • IRS Form 709, U.S. gift (and generation-skipping transfer) tax returns
  • MA Form M-706, Massachusetts estate tax return

Probate Litigation Advocates

Probate does not always run smoothly. Sometimes issues arise in the probate and estate administration process that require litigation. We offer representation for contested wills and other probate litigation for parties such as:

  • Heirs
  • Beneficiaries
  • Administrators
  • Executors
  • Personal Representatives
  • Trustees

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