Best New Year’s Resolution for your Family

Best New Year’s Resolution for your Family

The best New Year’s resolution for 2020 may be to protect your family and loved ones by reviewing your estate plan.

Being prepared for the unexpected can help everyone during a time of stress and emotion. The below checklist can get you started.

Baker Law Group can help ensure your plan meets your wishes — whether you have a simple estate or a larger estate in need of advanced estate planning.

Your 2020 New Year’s Resolution Checklist

  1. Identify any recent life events that could impact your estate plan, such as marriage or divorce, children or other dependents, retiring now or in the near future, purchasing a home or other major asset, changes in debts, or adjustments to investments.
  2. Determine if your home should be protected by a Homestead, Life Estate, and/or Trust.
  3. Ensure beneficiary designations are up to date and properly defined on all accounts and property.
  4. Create or update your Last Will and Testament to identify a Trustee or Personal Representative, beneficiaries, and your wishes for distribution of assets.
  5. Determine if a Trust would protect your investments, and which type of Trust is most effective.
  6. Establish Powers of Attorney for yourself and adult family members.
  7. Complete a Health Care Proxy, Medical Directives, and/or Living Will for yourself and advise family members as needed.

We’ll be happy to work with you and your family in whatever capacity you need to meet these New Year Resolutions.

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